Rockford Homeschooled Gymnast

Annalie Roecker in the Rockford Register Star:

Who is she? Annalie Roecker, 10, was born in China and adopted when she was a baby. She is a gymnast who lives in Rockford and is home-schooled.

Do you belong to any clubs or groups? I train 27 hours a week at Gymnastics Academy of Rockford.

What inspires you? I like being an athlete; it makes me feel good.

What is up next for you? TOPs, the Talent Opportunity Program, is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7 to 11 and their coaches. I just made the National TOPs team in October. Because of this, I get to go to a camp in December in Texas at the U.S. Women’s Training Center and train with Mata Karolyi and the U.S. team coaches. I am excited because this is the second year I get to do this.

What do you do for fun? Train in the gym, watch movies, eat and play computer games.


Boone/Winnebago County Regional Office of Education

Rockford is in Winnebago County and part of the Boone/Winnebago ROE. They cut right to the quick with “home school” information:

Home Schooling Registration Forms

Information on Parent-Taught Home Instruction is available from the Regional Office of Education. This information outlines the rights and responsibilities of a parent under Illinois law. Illinois court decisions have established that a parent may teach his/her own child/children in their home provided that the child’s educational program satisfies the requirements as set forth in the Illinois School Code.

Here’s what Winnebago County’s Directory of Services says about the ROE job description:

Regional Office of Education

The Regional Office is responsible for registering teacher certificates, providing school bus driver classes, administering GED tests and issuing GED certificates, monitoring school bus districts for compliance with Life/Safety Code, providing environmental workshops and field trips to the Regional Environmental Center and registering home school programs. In addition, the Regional Superintendent serves as the TRuant Officer for the two county area.

Rockford has a daytime curfew. It does not seem to be effective either. as noted in this news piece. It does infringe on freedom of movement for all; particularly homeschoolers:

Rockford Truancy Debate Heats Up

Please remember, homeschoolers, that registration is not mandated or necessary.