Illinois Virtual School Act- Again from Representative Chapa-LaVia

This was also posted on the IL Home Education Network. A similar bill (HB 3743) came up just about a year ago, and it was a bit shocking to see homeschoolers referenced in that public virtual school bill.  When I called Representative Chapa-LaVia’s office last year, I was told by an aide that she hadn’t […]

Chicago Virtual Charter School

The Chicago Virtual School’s approval by the IL State Board of Education in 2006 is covered in this article: Chicago Schools Opens Its First Virtual Elementary School Opposition to the Chicago schools’ new virtual elementary school stem from a variety of areas. Here are just a few: • Computers will replace teachers and/or reduce their […]

Virtual Schooling on Fox News

Here’s the link to the ~3 1/2 minute video from yesterday about public virtual schools: Virtual Schooling Homeschooling came up immediately. We all know home schooling is growing like wild fire spreading like — in this country. Tell me about — how virtual schooling differs from traditional home school …. The guest responded accurately: It’s […]

Kane County School District Seeking to Form Statewide Illinois Online Charter School

Northern Kane group wants charter for online high school – Courier News Emilie McFarlan and Katie Anderson “… Northern Kane also is asking for the board’s support to form the Illinois Online Charter School. If granted, this would expand access to the virtual learning programs used at Cambridge Lakes, making them available to students not […]

What Educational Trends Might Mean to Illinois Homeschoolers

The Northwest Herald had a guest column last February –Trends point to bright future ahead – written by the Asst. Regional Supt of Education for McHenry County: McHenry County always has featured an excellent and efficient system of public education. Our private schools and home-school tradition are remarkable, too. The education provided by our community […]

IL Association of School Boards Releases Homeschool Article

“With no one actually counting and only voluntary testing, no one knows whether the success stories offered by the Lanes, the Nicols, the Bluedorns and the Vanden Bosches are typical of the home schooling experience. And with no accurate numbers, the complete story of home schooling may never be written.” – IASB site – Ginger […]

Chicago Tribune mentions “home-school” time and travel freedoms

It was appealing to see homeschooling mentioned in a travel article.  Homeschoolers know the travel and time advantages visiting museums, parks and other learning opportunities. From the Chicago Tribune’s Travel Section: Taking the Kids — When Everyone Else is Back in School Chicago Tribune So what if you’re toting a stroller and diaper bag or […]

Fox News on homeschooling/unschooling

Fox News had an interview/debate this morning on unschooling/homeschooling.   Pat Farenga of Holt Associates/Growing Without Schooling and a life coach were the interviewees. Helen Hegener posted the heads up on Home Education Magazine yesterday: Pat Farenga on Unschooling. The Fox News website also had an article from 2008: ‘World of Warcraft’ Gets Kids Interested […]

Lobbying to Be Left Alone

Most Illinois homeschoolers are the rare breed of people who feel a duty to lobby in Springfield for nothing more than to be left alone. The Virginia based K12 corporation has been lobbying hard in IL ($$) to create a state-wide virtual school. K12 already provides curriculum to the Chicago Virtual School, which appears to […]

K12 Company Lobbies IL Legislators

K12 is a business and has not been supportive of protecting homeschool freedoms while maintaining and growing their business with government schools. In Illinois, there are homeschooling families who successfully use (and pay for) the K12 curriculum (International Academy), as a private school option. The K12 company has made at least 34 different contributions to our […]