Election Day Civic Lesson – Plainfield Homeschooling

An Election Day Civics Lesson: Vote with Your Head, Not Your Heart

As large numbers of folks head to the polls today, Rosemary Fontaine home-schooled her kids on the “right” to cast a ballot.

Nearby, in Precinct 39, 108 had filed through to wield their Constitutional right to vote.
That was the lesson Rosemary Fontaine was teaching as she showed her three sons how to feed her vote into the ballot box.  Owen, 8, Jarrod, 10, and Austin, 11, were devoting their day of homeschooling to campaign issues.
“Is voting a right or a privilege?” Fontaine quizzed.
“A right,” Austin piped up.
“And we should all appreciate and exercise this right because in some other countries, they don’t have the right to vote,” Fontaine coached.
During election season, Fontaine gives her boys pointers on how to be wise voters. Take what politicians say at this time of year with a grain of salt. The important thing is what they do the rest of the time they’re in office, she tells them.
“Vote with your head and not your heart,” Fontaine said.
Her flock was headed home to read passages of the Constitution; most of the other voters were on their way to work.


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