Homeschoolers and Daytime Curfew

Salem folks didn’t back down and a daytime curfew ordinance was not passed. Here’s an excerpt from a WJBD radio article about the police chief’s good sense:

Salem Police Chief Withdraws Support For Proposed Ordinance on Truancy

Campo says there is still a law in place the police department can use to address truant students. “We can approach kids for truancy violations, the proposed ordinance was merely an attempt to get the kids that are truant into the system faster,” he says. “We can still do it the old way, so it doesn’t change what we can do in the least.”

Unfortunately, other communities in Keri Garrett’s ROE didn’t defeat the daytime curfew ordinances.  An area homeschooler said that the villages of Central City and Iuka passed daytime curfew ordinances.

Below is a portion of  Keri Garrett’s ordinance proposal for towns in Clinton, Marion and Washington counties.  Remember too, that homeschoolers generally don’t keep public school hours, and it’s certainly not mandated to do so in Illinois statutes.
Here’s just a piece of the 6 page ordinance proposal:

“Whenever a Police Officer is provided with the information that the minor is enrolled in a private school (home schooled) the officer will check with the parents/guardians and verify this information. This contact information will be forwarded to the Regional Office of Education #13 in Salem.”

Besides the basic freedom of movement rights any law-abiding citizen should have, the only (bad) reason that contact information should be sent to the ROE by a law officer is to track down homeschoolers.
I assume that Central City and Iuka passed this 6 page monster w/o any changes.  Central City has one grade school, and I’m not sure that Iuka has an active school building in its community.   Did it get passed because they didn’t have a heads up, or they just didn’t think it was a problem?

A Centralia article is posted here, regarding ROE #13’s attitude about homeschooling.  It also included information about ROE #25, based in Mt. Vernon and McLeansboro.


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