Representative Eddy Must Remove “Home-school” Language In Education Finance Bill

Senator Lightford has introduced SB 3681 passed through the Senate and was called back to a second reading in the House on May 4th.

House Floor Amendment 1 was introduced 4/29/10 by Hutsonville Superintendent and Representative Roger Eddy,and includes “home-schooled” language :

A “dropout” is defined as any child enrolled in grades 9  through 12 whose name has been removed from the district enrollment roster for any reason other than the student’s his death, extended illness, removal for medical non-compliance,  expulsion, aging out, graduation, or completion of a program of  studies and who has not transferred to another public or  private school and is not known to be home-schooled by his or  her parents or guardians or continuing school in another country.

This language needs to be removed.  Since Illinois homeschoolers are private schools –  “and is not known to be home-schooled by his or her parents or guardians” should be removed.

We need the protection of other private schools to keep us safer under their powerful umbrella.  My hope is that Representative Eddy just didn’t understand that over his years as a Representative.

House members need to be contacted now.

Updated: Here’s Representative Eddy’s contact information.  I’ve tried calling his Springfield office today and the line has been busy:

Here’s his email address from Project Vote Smart:

Here’s one email contact for Representative Eddy on Capwiz.

Here’s another web mail Eddy contact on his website.

Springfield Office:
234-N Stratton Office Building Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 558-1040         (217) 558-1040
(217) 558-3481 FAX

District Office:
108 S. Main P.O. Box 125 Hutsonville, IL  62433
(618) 563-4128         (618) 563-4128
(618) 563-4129 FAX


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