Today’s Primary- Regarding Illinois Homeschooling

Illinois Home Education Network

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a reminder about candidates’ views on home education that are displayed on the IL Home Education Network forum.

Five Republican candidates for our Illinois Governor position have responded: Dan Proft, Adam Andrzejewski, Kirk Dillard, Andy McKenna and Bill Brady.

One Democrat Party Lt. Governor candidate, Mike Boland, responded.  Two Republican Lt. Governor candidates have responded: Randy White and Brad Cole.

One Constitution Party Attorney General candidate Joseph Bell responded.

Four Republican Senatorial candidates responded: Andy Martin, Patrick Hughes, Kathleen Thomas and John Arrington.

Homeschooling would not and should not be a one issue campaign.  But it does help to hear what a candidate thinks about a couple of incredibly important issues called family and education.  I’m appreciative, and a bit surprised of the time each of these candidates took to focus on homeschooling. It’s more information than we had before these questions were sent out.

If you’d like to pass along any of the candidate information, please reference the Illinois Home Education Network along with its link:

Visit Illinois Home Education Network


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