Update to the new IL Home Education Network

Are you curious about our candidates’ views on home education?  Go check out what some have to say about homeschooling on our Illinois Home Education Network.  Our tiny minority would not be on most campaigners’ radar, except we do vote.  We also have a pretty tight lobbying unit if push comes to shove in Springfield.

Letters were sent out in the last few days to our gubernatorial candidates, as well as those vying for Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and US senatorial positions.  Their views on Illinois home education and family concerns were requested.

So far, we’ve received 5 responses back, with promises of a couple more.  That was 5 more than we would have had, if this hadn’t been attempted.  Not only that, the responses have been interesting.  One has a homeschooling campaign manager.  Another candidate, with a job description of educator, has supported all forms of educational choice while serving as an IL legislator. That apparently got him in hot water with a powerful lobbying group.

Homeschooling would not and should not be a one issue campaign.  But it does help to hear what a candidate thinks about a couple of incredibly important issues called family and education.

Curious about our Illinois candidates?  Join the Illinois Home Education Network, and jump into the social network that also functions as an advocacy network.


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