Maryland Gifted Student Denied Homeschool Work Credit

Drew Gamblin,  a Maryland public high school student, was homeschooled from 6th grade until he chose the high school experience of “debate team, music, drama and senior prom.”  He’s getting more than he bargained for trying to integrate his homeschool educational work into his public high school transcript.

Gifted Student Is Being Held Back By Graduation Rules
By Jay Mathews Monday, October 5, 2009

After a series of inexplicable decisions by Howard County school officials, such as requiring him to stay in a Howard High algebra class he had already mastered, his parents decided to home-school him and put him in college classes. But Drew insisted on his high school dream.

So he is back at Howard, although it’s not clear what grade he is in, and the school district is making it hard to enjoy what the school has to offer. He is being forced to take a world history course he already took at Howard Community College and a junior-year English course he took at home, as well as classes in other subjects he has studied.

ht to Why Homeschool

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