Kudos to the Illinois Association of School Boards

In June of 2009, the Carlinville School Board unanimously passed this Resolution to send on to IL Association of School Boards (IASB).

“that the Illinois Association of School Boards shall recommend that all home school students be required to take the same assessment tests as those required for public school students”

The IASB procedure requires that 21 board members from the different IASB regions, plus the IASB Vice President, are part of the Resolutions Committee.  They determine whether local school board Resolutions are approved and passed on to the IASB General Assembly that meets in November. This Committee met in August.

The Resolution didn’t pass through the IASB Resolutions Committee.

9. Home School Student Assessment

Submitted by: Carlinville CUSD 1

Be it resolved that the Illinois Association of School Boards shall recommend that all home school students be required to take the same assessment tests as those required for public school students.

Rationale: Home school students that decide to enter public schools would be better prepared for their age-appropriate grade in all subjects. It would allow the home school parent(s) to identify and remediate areas that are in need.

Resolutions Committee RECOMMENDS “DO NOT ADOPT”

Resolutions Committee Rationale: The Committee noted that, in Illinois, home-schooled students are treated the same as students enrolled in a private or parochial school, by law. The State allows a school district to require students transferring in from home schooling or a parochial school to take a subject matter proficiency test similar to any assessment the State requires. It was the consensus of the Committee that the current IASB position statement (6.11) on Home Schooling is sufficient as it requires students to demonstrate their education level upon entering the public school system. It may not be the best use of Association resources to attempt to change laws to require students in other school systems (private, parochial, home schools) to take an examination merely based upon the regularly scheduled state assessment calendar.

This is one of the IASB positions:


The Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation to enact appropriate laws and policies to demonstrate that the education received by home-taught students is of sufficient quality to ensure appropriate transfer to schools that have current certification and recognition status from the Illinois State Board of Education. (Adopted 1996; Amended 1998; Reaffirmed

The IASB Resolutions Committee did the right thing.  The Naperville school district situation comes to mind.  Their school board approved individual assessments for homeschoolers going into the ps, rather than an outside accreditation agency affirming their educational status. I thought the homeschoolers there made a great argument.

One has to wonder why the Carlinville School Board chose to push a Resolution such as this; that affects homeschoolers.

The Carlinville School District is in Regional Office of Education 40. The ROE 40 site has a specific “Home Schooling” category that is “Coming soon, please check back!”  Homeschoolers understand that accurate information comes from experienced homeschoolers.  (As noted in this post, many public school administrators seem to have a different agenda that ultimately protects public schools.)  One has to wonder why ROEs and the Carlinville school (and others) are so obsessed with homeschoolers, when homeschoolers are exempt from public school compulsory school attendance?  Don’t they have something better to do in their school districts?

Senator Deanna Demuzio represents Carlinville and serves on the Education Committee.  The other State Representative Betsy Hannig (98th District), succeeded her husband after his Secretary of Transportation appointment earlier this year.


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  1. Awesome, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Thanks!

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