Lee/Ogle Regional Office of Education-Homeschool Report

The Lee/Ogle Regional Office of Education notes in their 2008 Fiscal Report that 67 Lee/Ogle County homeschoolers are registered with their office.  The 2007 Lee/Ogle ROE reported  58 kids were registered in Lee/Ogle Counties.

We shouldn’t and don’t need to know that information.  Again this good advice bears repeating:

Illinois Homeschoolers –­ Eight Reasons Not to Register

By Harvey Bluedorn, New Boston, Illinois
1. Because there is no requirement to register in Illinois. Period. Administrators attempt to impose their will upon individuals through intimidation, harassment and coercion. They invent requirements which have no foundation in law. When our freedoms are infringed upon by government bureaucrats, they become emboldened to take the matter another step. Continued at Trivium Pursuit site

The Lee/Ogle ROE reports this information in their HEART Center (Homeless Education and At-Risk Team) Report under the heading of Funding for Lee/Ogle Programs for Struggling Students.

There is no good reason that the Lee/Ogle County Regional Office of Education authorities should consider homeschoolers as  “struggling students” who are “at-risk.

Under the Lee/Ogle Dropout Intervention System (LODIS) in this report, it makes note of this:

Home-schooled student registration-67 students registered


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