Chicago Tribune mentions “home-school” time and travel freedoms

Rocket launch in back yard

Rocket launch in back yard

It was appealing to see homeschooling mentioned in a travel article.  Homeschoolers know the travel and time advantages visiting museums, parks and other learning opportunities.

From the Chicago Tribune’s Travel Section:
Taking the Kids — When Everyone Else is Back in School
Chicago Tribune

So what if you’re toting a stroller and diaper bag or home-school assignments, while everyone else is waiting for the school bus and arranging car pools.

The best part — besides the great deals everywhere — “There are no lines at anything,” whether you are heading to a theme park or a new museum exhibit, says San Diego mom and blogger Sugar Jones, who is homeschooling her 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son this year so that they can continue to travel, learning as they go at butterfly gardens, museums and mountaintops.  (Follow their adventures at www.SugarJones.TV.)

The Jones family enrolled in the California Virtual Academy.  Their family enjoys many of the freedoms of homeschooling, while also being accountable to the California school system.

The Chicago Virtual School also uses K12 curriculum.  The Chicago Teachers Union sued in order to close the public school. There’s more information here:

Who was representing homeschoolers?


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