Fox News on homeschooling/unschooling

Fox News had an interview/debate this morning on unschooling/homeschooling.   Pat Farenga of Holt Associates/Growing Without Schooling and a life coach were the interviewees.

Helen Hegener posted the heads up on Home Education Magazine yesterday: Pat Farenga on Unschooling.
The Fox News website also had an article from 2008: ‘World of Warcraft’ Gets Kids Interested in School

But the person talking in this case is Constance Steinkuehler, an educational researcher who organized an afterschool group for boys to play, for educational purposes, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
Some of the eighth graders and high school freshmen who signed up for the group couldn’t have cared less about writing or reading in school.
Yet those students have gone from barely stringing together two sentences to writing lengthy posts in their group’s Web site forum, where they discuss detailed strategies for gearing up their virtual characters and figuring out tough quests.
“It has worked ridiculously well,” Steinkuehler said. “It shouldn’t be working as well as it is.”
Video games are also being embraced by some advocates of “unschooling,” a type of home schooling that puts kids more in charge of the curricula.

Continued at the site.

We can hope that education researchers remember the benefits that Ms. Steinkuehler discovered in an “after-school” group also have redeeming qualities in a homeschooling environment.


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