Suburban Cook County-Excessive Requirements

Despite the demands from ROE Supt Flowers’ letter and their ‘homeschool packet’, no Statements of Assurance, no Home School Registration Forms, no “instructional services” hours need be recorded (for school authorities), no “course materials” need be attached, no birth dates, annual reports or other such invasions of homeschoolers’ time and rights are mandated by law.  From the Suburban Cook County ROE in their “Home School Information” link:

10110 Gladstone •
Westchester, IL 60154
Office: 708-865-9330 •
Fax: 708-865-9338

Dr. Charles A. Flowers,

Regional Superintendent

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The purpose of this letter is to provide a follow-up to your recent inquiry in regard to home

With this letter you will find a form to register as a home school, some suggestions from the
State Board of Education on home schooling. Also enclosed is a position paper prepared by the
legal department of The Illinois State Board of Education concerning the legality of home
schooling and further indicating the role of the Regional Superintendent in home school issues.

When a child is not attending school and the non-attendance of the child is reported to the
Regional Superintendent’s office, the truant officer initiates a truancy investigation. In order to
avoid the truancy investigation and the possibility of court action we ask that you fill out and
have notarized the enclosed statement of assurance.

Please remember that you, as the parent/guardian are responsible for researching home
schooling, acquiring the curriculum and study materials, testing ad keeping all school records for
your child.

Although not required, your local school district may assist in providing curriculum and study
materials. They may charge a fee for this service and the rental of books.

Home-schooled children are eligible for enrollment as part-time students in the public school
district in which they live. In such cases the home-schooled child could be enrolled in for
instruction in a particular class or classes. The school district must be notified by May 1st of the
prior school year. If the school is notified after May 1st it is up to the district to determine if they
have room for the student at that time.

Please return the registration form to the address on top of the form. If you have any
questions you may contact Predonna Roberts, Ed.D. at (708) 865-9330.


Charles A. Flowers, Ed.D.
Regional Superintendent

If the registration form is completed, it will be in the ROE files and forwarded on to the ISBE Data Analysis and Progress Reporting Department in Springfield.  It will likely be requested annually.

It is not necessary or legally required to fill out such forms.


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