12 year old homeschooler in Springfield Journal-Register article

The Springfield Journal-Register has an article about a 12 year old homeschooler using an online high school program, K12.

Amanda Monke is doing well and received congratulations from her teachers in earning the highest marks in her online class.

The article points out the use of K12 in the public school realm. (The Monke family uses the private school/homeschool version, in which they pay the tuition expenses themselves.)

Several states and cities, including Chicago, have created public charter schools that use K12. The publicly held, Virginia-based company has a board full of corporate and Ivy League-educated executives, and K12’s most recent earnings report boasts the company enrolled 40,859 students this year.

If you read the comments below the article, school socialization comes up as an issue.  Here’s a classic from Rico377:

If you live sheltered all your life,when they get free, reality is one course you can’t learn online. People are gonna say things,do things that if don’t know how to adapt and overcome as a child,its going to be twice as hard as an adult. I myself want my child to expierence the reality of public school,the friends,the bullys,the ridicule,the team sports,the dances,etc. Its very important to live that,it will make you tougher,and more reality oriented. I’ve known kids like Amanda growing up,the home schooled kids, they either go wild cause of being sheltered,or end up with alot of emotional problems.I know that online schooling is the future,but you can’t have the same human interaction behind a keyboard and monitor.

Other commenters addressed the concern about homeschooled children not being bullied enough.

StephenD55 says:

As a medical student at SIU who had been home-schooled until college, I have to disagree with Rico377 and TEH23 about the need to mingle in a large social group in order to not have problems. Like Mrs. Monke says, there are a lot more home-schoolers than you think. The socialization argument was cute back when home-schooling was only beginning and hadn’t been seen through the whole way very often, for a while now, the home-school community has corrected some initial problems and produced a pool of people who thoroughly enjoyed their educational experience don’t have the horror stories of their traditionally educated counterparts.
It is not that difficult to find the data online, check it out.


2 Responses

  1. it never cases to amuse me when people try to argue that school is a better preparation for real life than real life is.

  2. It is strange, isn’t it?

    I can’t wrap my brain around why parents would EVER want their children bullied as a socialization lesson learned? I think that attitude from rico isn’t particularly unusual regarding hard knocks in schools.

    My kids have hard knocks here and there, but not because it’s anticipated.

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