Homeschooling Law Guides- according to education lawyers

This was on Market Watch:

Homeschooling Law Resource Guide – Released by the Education Law Association

Last update: 11:04 a.m. EST Dec. 3, 2008
DAYTON, Ohio, Dec 03, 2008

The Law of Homeschooling is a resource guide that provides information on recent updates to homeschool statutory and regulatory requirements for all fifty states as well as Washington D.C. This publication takes an in-depth look at each state’s legal requirements under which parents may provide a home-based education to their children.
Confusion over homeschooling law exists within a vast realm of subject areas. This resource guide answers those questions. The publication is intended to be used by parents, students, homeschool advocates, and public school officials to do what is in the best interests of the children: to ensure that each child receives an appropriate education within the context and scope of the law.

This statement seemed definitive: “This resource guide answers those questions.

I question the accuracy as I read on.

The author, Brian D. Schwartz, J.D., is the Associate Director and General Counsel to the Illinois Principals Association. He also maintains an active private law practice in the field of education law and is an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois in Springfield. Mr. Schwartz is the immediate past-chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Education Law Section Council and was a member of the Education Law Association’s Board of Directors from 2004-07.

It appears to me that counsel to the IL Principals Association (a lobbying group) would not be neutral in opinions of homeschooling law.

Illinois has no homeschool law, along with several other states.

There is another book that is published by the Illinois Association of School Boards: Illinois School Law Survey Brian Braun. There were a couple of references to homeschooling in the 8th Edition that I have. Here’s one below listed under Home Schooling:

May a school district or the State Board of Education adopt rules regulating home schools?

Courts in other states have upheld state regulation of home schooling, including certification requirements for home-school teachers and minimum curriculum requirements, finding that the state has a compelling interest in the education of children. In Illinois, however, the General Assembly has opted to not interfere with home schooling and has not enacted legislation.

Local school districts have the authority to regulate their own programs, which has the indirect effect of regulating certain aspects of home schooling to the extent home-schooled students avail themselves of various aspects of the public school program.



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