Another Piece of Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch

Learning in the Land of Lincoln

Learning in the Land of Lincoln


Deborah and I have been wanting to do this for some time as another networking piece of Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch.  The yahoo group is great, but a blog reaches out to others who might want easier access on the ‘net.

Our hope is to make Illinois homeschool networking more user-friendly and informative.  Regional Offices of Education information have been added in these first posts.  Look around and see if your area is included.  If it isn’t, wonderful….hopefully that’s good news for area homeschoolers.  If it is listed in one of these posts, then please comment on experiences; good and bad.

Problems can be more easily fixed with widespread support from our homeschool community.

If any would like to become a member of the Illinois Homeschool Freedom Watch list, please link over to yahoo groups here and join in.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for doing this! It’s definitely needed.

  2. Wonderful to see this new blog – I’ve added it to my news reader and have already found good stuff to post for our national readership. Thanks for all you do to help keep homeschooling freedoms safe in Illinois – and everywhere!

  3. This is fantastic – thanks for keeping us informed!

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