Oklahoma legislator wants state oversite of kids’ fitness

If Oklahoma Rep. Richard Morrissette has his way, all homeschooled and public schooled students will have to have their weight and height checked by officials, and if a child is deemed as under- or over-weight, parents will be told to get Little Johnny or Little Suzy to get in shape … or else.

For more on the story, click here.


2 Responses

  1. Some kids are just slight, like my middle son….he’s barely on the 5th percentile…my oldest is about 50-60% and my youngest, who has Down syndrome, would be considered obese by traditional measurements, but is ‘normal’ for people with Ds. We don’t need the government to dictate to us about what to do with our own kids. Each of my children is unique, and each of them will grow with their own body type, but their nutrition and keeping them from becoming obese is NOT the business of our government….it is the business of being a parent! That’s MY job, and I don’t want to relinquish it to the government!

  2. This is the first I have heard of this. I don’t live in Oklahoma, but I wouldn’t put past someone to try this in Illinois. And if they do, I will be right in line, starting a protest. The government has no right to tell me how to feed my child.

    I’m not sure where she falls on the percentile chart at the moment, but she eats. She may not always eat what I make for dinner, but if she won’t, she gets plain old alternatives so no one can say I starve her because she refused dinner.

    Everybody has a metablolism that runs a little differently. Everbody’s metabolisms run differently as they get older too. There is no reason for the government to have the right to tell you “Your child is too fat/skinny. Fix it, or you’re in trouble.” Feeding her and chosing what to feed her is mine and my husband’s job, no one elses.

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