Lincoln-Mason-Menard Regional Office of Education

Logan-Mason-Menard ROE has developed a truancy program to track down truant public school students in the community.

The Lincoln Courier notes the SPIRIT program’s activities:

April 2007

A spirit group at the 420-student junior high has provided the regional superintendent’s office with the names of 80 students who have been truant, Bunner said today.

Here is a description of the SPIRIT program from the ROE:


The purpose of the SPIRIT program is to assist schools and families by identifying truant students, diagnosing causes of truancy, and providing intervention services.

The SPIRIT program supplements and strengthens local school service agencies without duplicating existing services. Elementary, junior high, and high school-age students are assisted through this program, which is funded through a grant obtained from the Illinois State Board of Education.

There is additional pressure is on law abiding citizens who would like to walk the streets freely, particularly for homeschoolers. Logan County’s town of Lincoln now has a daytime curfew.

One alderperson, Wanda Rolfs, suggested that homeschoolers wear a badge when they’re on the street during public school hours.

Daytime Curfew Doesn’t Work


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