Illinois School Authorities Stepping on Homeschool Toes

We have gathered Regional Offices of Education and Illinois State Board of Education website information and references that have been collected by various means. There are concerns about the requirements on the websites and the over-reaching of school authorities.

This compilation was started on Corn and Oil, shared on the IL Homeschool Freedom Watch list and we’ll add various school problems as they occur and we get wind of it. The hope would be that we can delete problems as we go along the homeschool advocacy path.

We’ll start with the IL State Board of Education, which states in their Faqs:

4. Am I required to register my home school?

No. In Illinois, registration of home-schooled students is not required. Parents may choose to notify their regional superintendent of education and/or the State Board of their intention to home-school. Here is a link to the one-page form:

One would wonder why ISBE goes to all that trouble making up and passing along Home School Registration Forms to homeschoolers, when it’s not mandatory in Illinois to register.


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