DuPage County Regional Office of Education

The Regional Offices of Education work with the Illinois State Board of Education. Often they take their cues from ISBE as related in the DuPage County ROE website that has an ISBE Legal Memorandum [Homeschooling and Requirements of the School Code] posted. It’s a legal opinion from school lawyers. Other lawyer’s opinions may differ, of course. Legal opinions are a dime a dozen. Errr…make that much more than a dime with taxpayer funding.

DuPage also posts the Home School Registration Form which is sent along to the ISBE Data Analysis & Progress Reporting Department (for public schools). I don’t know how that works in DuPage County that homeschoolers are asked to fill out extensive family information on non-mandated registration forms and more information is provided to whom?

For more information regarding home schooling fillout the form belowDuPage

Moving on in the next post to one of the worst offenders I’ve heard of since Bully Dennison days.

Please remember, homeschoolers, that registration is not mandated or necessary.


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  1. […] A 1974 IL Supreme Court decision concerning the Scoma family has been blasted about the Illinois Regional Offices of Education as their excuse to harass homeschoolers.  This honing in on an irrelevant ruling by the ISBE […]

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